What can I say?

First day (officially) of the festival and Wow WOW WOW!

There’s a lack of photos currently due to cursed battery power! Again!
But today.. I have seen:

Gogol Bordello

One CRAZY Russian punk band! The most amazing way to start Glasto.
Seek them out.. “start wearing purple, wearing purple!” ..after that came:

The amazing Amy Winehouse..

Wow. What a show. ‘Valerie’ went down a treat!

…before I carry on.. I need to share something with you –
Yes. A few thousand people will applaud Amy Winehouse – but there is NOTHING quite like hearing One Hundred and Seventy Thousand People cheer like they’ve never cheered before.. Why? THE SUN CAME OUT! Wee!
Ok..back to the story – after Amy came The Magic Numbers – i love this band.
Such HAPPY music..
However – the best part of THAT set was when they rounded off with a Guns’n’Roses Cover! Fan-bloody-tastic…

Had a little sleep after all that lot.. And now… I’m waiting for The Arcade Fire to come on…

The weather’s good though!

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