Mud! Glorious Mud!


I’d like to think that eventually we’d all get used to to schlepping from one place to another in ankle deep sludge.. But oh no. You can’t really get used to it..
You can try and avoid it (it’s not worth the hassle, really), you can moan about it, (and just annoy everyone else in your group), you can even pretend it’s not there, (haha good luck).

Me? I just got on with it… I just faced up to the fact that no matter what.. ‘The Mud’ synonymous with Glastonbury and it just wouldn’t be the same without it.

However… There’s accepting The Mud.. Then there’s *embracing* The Mud.. Like these chaps..

Not gonna catch me doing that chum! Nosirree Bob!

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Author: James Whatley

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