Resigned to the fact…

Good morning everybody!

Its 10am and we’re T-Minus Four Hours until England kick-off their opening game of the World Cup against Paraguay.. Rock.

Lookin good – I haven’t spent any time examining the team sheet or panicking over Stevie Gerrard’s Hip/Back problems.. the guy’s younger then me for crying out loud – he’s probably still growing! Give the lad a chance..

Enough World Cup chat the time being.. Lets have an update shall we?!


So – last time I posted I had just been to an interview at an Agency and I was off to for an interview the following day…

Well – Refresh Mobile make these things called Mobizines – – its a pretty damn cool piece of software for your Mowbli and its dead easy to use and dead cheap and and and.. you get the idea – just click the link and go see what I’m talking about..

I digress..

Three months ago I downloaded the aforementioned program for my Nokia and I couldnt get the bugger to work.. One of the Mobizines they do is BBC Headlines – and that’s the one I wanted – more info HERE – so I mailed them (‘them’ being the useful people at Refresh – NOT the BBC) and told them..

They were really cool and eventually between us we got it working. In the meantime a certain amount rapport built up between me and the guy I was dealing with – and when the phone was all sorted and stuff Kevin at Refresh asked me if I’d like a cheque for £20.. because I’d uncovered a problem with the software etc that no one had found and at the time they had this reward scheme in place that gave ‘prizes’ for any user that did such a thing..

“Hmm” said I. “£20?” ..

“Yes” said Kevin “Or something from this list.. “

Kevin sent me this link which had a list of boys toys and gadgets on it.. which were all pretty cool – my favourite of which was a ‘Fog Gun’. A FOG GUN! BRILLIANT! You hold the trigger down and it makes fog! Hours of fun…. “Tonight Matthew…” (holds trigger down) “…I’m going to be Batman!” Brilliant.. sorry.. got carried away..

So yeah – I nearly opted for the Fog Gun. Kinda glad I didn’t now really!

At the bottom (might’ve been the top – cant remember) of the list was a small line saying “Or come to the office and meet the team! ..and..if we like you.. you might even get a job interview! Refresh Mobile are always looking for new and exciting members of staff… etc etc”

So I emailed Kevin back – “Er.. I think I’d like the job interview and the tour please!”

“Ok mate – sure – send us your CV and we’ll arrange something..”

It was all a bit crazy and I’ll tell you for why!

1) I had NO IDEA what I job I was going to be interviewed for.

2) I had no idea what on Earth they were gonna think of me.. think about this for a second.. I turned down HARD CASH just so I could come down and meet the team and then maybe get an interview.. I thought ‘They must think I’m weird..”

Anyway – went along, met Kevin.. lovely chap.. he gave me the tour of their offices etc.. I met various members of staff….and then he introduced me to this guy called Scott. He’s the CEO of the company and dead nice.. anyway – we had a good talk and we pretty much just geeked each other out for about 45mins or so chattin’ about mobile phones and stuff and it was really, really interesting.. He showed me how the Mobizines worked etc and I told him what I thought and so on.. it was cool.

So then it turned to what I do for a living (at the time I was a Management Accountant for The Daily Mail – Yeah – I know..) and I told him and he was like ..”Ok… ….we’re not looking for any of those at the moment but if anything comes up we’ll be in touch”.

And it pretty much ended there..

So – fast forward to last week – remember my blog and how much I REALLY hated my job? Yeah – I emailed Kevin at Refresh just saying “Hi! How are ya?!” etc etc.. “just a friendly reminder email I suppose reminding him that I was still there etc and still interested….”

I got an email back from Kevin the following day saying:

“Hi James, we’re still interested – more soon..”

…and that’s where I’m leaving it folks..

For now anyway – the day is too beautiful for me to be stuck indoors typing!

Rest of the story to come soon.. PROMISE!


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