Greetings from Gibraltar

Afternoon all,

Uncle Travelling Matt reporting in..

I’m in Gibraltar!
It’s alright – weather’s ok and stuff..
Hangin’ out with my folks here and my l’il bro –
(he’s AWESOME – pics to come)

Father’s Day tomorrow – haven’t spent Father’s Day with my Dad in about 20yrs now so that should be good.. and then at about 1750 tomorrow I’ll be jumping on a plane back to London..
Should get home about 10pm tomorrow night I reckon. By ‘Home’ I mean my actual house.. taking into account Sunday trains etc.. I should be alright!

So yeah – I’ll write it all up then I guess.. haven’t got much time online here.
All my time’s taken up entertaining my bro… (he’s six years old see)

Speak soon!


(I’ll be setting up a charity soon in my own name – all donations will be gratefully received and faithfully applied!)

Ciao for now.

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Author: James Whatley

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