Good things happen when you have no money

Good afternoon everybody!

Remember how I was saying that down to my recent work-based decisions.. I’m going to be Skint Eastwood for the forseeable future..
(as in – I dont get a full wage now until late August – Nice)


I got a phone call from my Step Mum today saying..

“Hi James, when are you going to come to Gibraltar again?”
(My Dad, his Wife and my Brother all live there)

“Well.. “ says I “..given the current financial climate that I’ve found myself in – probably not until November at the earliest..”
(I’ve been planning to go over in November for a while now anyway)

“What if we paid for you? Could you come this weekend?”

“Er… I guess!”




Ker-Razy man.
Last weekend Jon Bon Jovi…
This weekend Gibraltar!

You wouldn’t think I don’t have a penny to my name would ya?!

Seriously mind – I can’t remember the last time I spent Father’s Day with my Dad. He left when I was about 6yrs old and has lived over in Gib for the last 15yrs or so at least.. so yeah.. will be nice to spend the day with my Dad. Looking forward to it. Its been.. ages.
Without sounding too dramatic – it’ll be nice because instead of doing nothing on Father’s Day and sitting around on my own (whilst 90% of all the other people I know are spending time with their respective male parent/guardian etc) I’ll actually be spending it with my Dad.


Life is SO good at the moment I LOVE it.


See you when I get back I guess…


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