Koh Samui – Day 7: Woo!

Good evening everybody!

So yeah – its official – TOMORROW I CAN EAT AGAIN!

I’ve been fasting now for seven days. I’m stoked. I’ve got one more colema to do at 7am in the morning and then I’ve gotta have this drink thing then two hours later I can eat.. man – I haven’t looked forward to eating salad so much in my entire life!

Me and ZenJen are both finishing today so it’ll be cool to have a breakfast buddy..

So yeah – today I was one knackered bunny. Steve, Sheli, ZenJen and I went down to Tescos. Did a bit of shopping… that was alright apart from the fact we were SURROUNDED by food! I got my bits and bobs.. and then got hit by this MASSIVE wave of tiredness.. so we headed back, I tried to have some veggie broth but was having none of it and I hit the sack about half two. Aside from getting up every 90mins for my regimented pills and drinks and stuff… I feel much better now.

So here I am – didn’t achieve much today.. but that’s cool.

However, I realised I took another step without knowing it yesterday. I’ll write it up tomorrow or something.. but I’m really making progress now.. its cool. I feel like a completely different person.. its so odd and yet amazing too.

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