Koh Samui – Day 3 Cont…

Good evening folks,

What have done today?

Well – Steve and I went into Chaweng to get some bits and bobs. I got that painting I wanted – its cool and I love it and its going in my room…

Picked up a Diesel belt for my mate Martin too – I told him I’d got one and he emailed me back almost immediately saying “DUDE! YOU GOTTA GET ME ONE!” …so I did. I’m a generous old soul I guess..  Picked my mate Caroline up some earphones too – she didnt pack any with her iPod bless her! But yeah – that was cool..

What else – Umm – I watched Amelie this afternoon.. that was nice.

I’d type up why – but this keyboard is rubbish – I’ll do it tomorrow when I can use a different PC.

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