Home at last

Morning all!

Its 726am and I’m back in the UK. I actually got back around 12hrs ago but I was so shattered that I didnt have time to update.. (sorry true believers).

So yeah – where did I leave off? I was in Bangkok wasn’t I?

Cool – I think I posted my last blog before I had a mental half an hour where I managed to lose my tickets AND my passport. That was quite amusing to say the least. Hahaah. Needless to say I found them in the end – but it got a bit hairy scary at one moment there!


So yeah – flight was reasonable uneventful..

Got home, got picked up, didnt go to the pub.. HONEST GUV!

Went round my mate Will’s place for an orange juice and a satsuma.. Man I sure know how to live it up eh?

Now its 828am (been doin other stuff – sorry – writing MAHOOSIVE emails to those who deserve them) and I need a shower… got SO much to do today: Get my films developed, sort out my finances, do some washing, buy some new clothes that fit, get a frame for my painting, sort out stuff for work tomrrow, go and see my friend Olivia, go through my post, eat some healthy food.. Hahahh.. So much to do so little time!

Right then – I’m off.

Keep smiling folks..

See you soon,


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Author: James Whatley

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